Guard Dog Hybrid iPhone 7/8 Case Black with OU

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Keep your iPhone 7/8 safe and sound with the Hybrid Case from Guard Dog! This highly protective case was designed specifically to fit the contours of the iPhone 7/8. It will protect your phone while leaving its unique style intact. The Hybrid Case comes in two parts: a silicone rubber liner and a sturdy outer shell! These two layers do double duty, offering major scratch resistance while protecting your phone from drops with their shock-absorbent qualities. This slim, yet durable case features the Oklahoma Sooners logo and is a great way to show off your school colors! It also comes with a tempered Guard Glass screen protector! This tempered glass will keep your screen safe while also providing maximum clarity. The Hybrid Case snaps on with ease and offers full access to all your phones buttons and ports. When it comes to keeping your iPhone 7/8 safe, accept no substitutes. Hybrid Cases from Guard Dog come with a Guard Glass screen protector. These tempered glass screen protectors are designed to help protect your screen from scratches, chips, and from being shattered. Guard Glass comes with supplies and instructions on how to install it on your phone.

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