Church Hill Engraved Murano Diploma Frame Bachelor's/Master's

Delivery time: 2-4 Weeks

Features a gold engraved school seal medallion in a 23K bezel recessed into gold embossed black and crimson museum matting. Framed in a high-gloss Murano moulding with a walnut transverse grain and a gold lip.

  • Sized to fit Bachelor's or Master's diploma
  • Item will be drop shipped from factory. Please allow 2-3 weeks. During checkout, choose the $8 Flat Rate option. Pickup in store, 2nd day & Next day options cannot be used for this item. Always select $8 Flat Rate shipping and note that it will actually be 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Embossing Options: Your diploma frame will be embossed at the bottom of the mat. The default embossing option is "The University of Oklahoma". You may also choose one of the other options and the "school of" will be included under "The University of Oklahoma" if you want that shown too. Over 90% of our frames are purchased with the default option.

*Please note that if your degree is in Medicine, Dentistry, Law or Pharmacy, you will need to order the Ph.D. version of the frame instead of Bachelor's/Master's as the diplomas are larger for these.

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