Men's Big OU Applique Hoodie

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This hoodie is the perfect jacket for any occasion: gameday, everyday, or as your new favorite hoodie. How do I know it'll be your favorite? Glad you asked. 1) The lining is fuzzy and warm. What is better than fuzzy and warm? Nothing. 2) It has a long drawstring - it won't get lost, and you will never have to spend an hour fishing out your drawstring from the deep dark depths of drawstring black hole land. 3) The cuffs and hem have a tighter weave to help keep out the wind and keep your sleeves from falling down when you push them up. 4) The outer shell is durable and made to stand the test of time - this hoodie isn't going to fall apart the first time you wear it and you might just be wearing it to a gameday with your next generation of Sooners one day. 5) Sooner magic baby! Nothing better than a bit of Crimson and Cream - or a huge OU logo. No one is mistaking your allegiances now.

*60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

*Applique Design

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