OU Colossus 40oz Travel Mug

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Designed to keep your drink hot or cold no matter the weather, this travel mug is perfect for avoiding stops on your road trip. The sheer size of this mug makes it possible to carry all the water, coffee, or iced tea you need in style. The red layer is screen-printed on to the stainless steel, with a cutout in the shape of the OU logo where the steel shows through. Around the base of the mug, there is a silicone grip to help catch condensation, and to make sure it is comfortable to hold, no matter how hot or cold its contents. The lid provides versatility, with a straw hole on one side of the lid, and a drink-through spout on the other. To prevent spills, the drink-through spout is accessible by lifting up the stopper tab, which can also be flipped to the other side of the lid to prevent spills through the straw hole. The straw hole has its own independent stopper, which can be set into place without moving the entire stopper tab in order to trap heat and insulate a hot beverage. To lock in that temperature, this lid uses a push-on style and silicone seal.

*Stainless Steel

*Screen-printed design

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